Why Study Russian?

Learning a second language and getting to know another culture are fun, rewarding and important. Think of how many more people you could get to know, the things you could explore. Think of the all movies, music, books, magazines, TV programs and websites you could enjoy! And don’t forget the job opportunities you’ll have. Many, many Americans speak languages other than English as their first language. Professionals and businesses (everyone from doctors, nurses, lawyers, and bank tellers to police and firefighters- you name it!) that want or need to serve those communities need to be able to use another language to do it well. And as the people of the world become more and more connected through technology, the businesses, governments, and even individuals of the world reach out more often to far away people and places. In practical terms, knowing how to speak and to interact with these people (and how to survive in their cultures) is a valuable skill that makes you more employable than someone who doesn’t.

Now, acquiring these skills in Russian isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes time and work. Don’t let yourself get discouraged if it seems difficult at first- most things worth doing are tough at the beginning. You’re not in it alone! And I’m sure that if you stick with it and don’t give up, you’ll not only enjoy, but be proud of what you’ll be able to do. Rightly so. So get ready- it’s an adventure that could lead you anywhere.